Personalized care,
extended visits.

30-60 minute visits.  Same or next day visits available for urgent problems.

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Flat monthly fee
for all visits.

Starting at $55/mo for adults, $15/mo for kids. This includes all visits and services at no extra cost. * $75 enrollment fee *

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Convenient access via
phone / email / text

Breaking down barriers to make communicating with your doctor DIRECT and EASY.

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Welcome, we do things differently here!

We treat patients like family, not a billing code.  Our goal is to provide patients with affordable, accessible primary care. Our patients enjoy same day appointments, full access to the doctor via text and email, as well as in-office prescription medications and labs.  No copays, no visit charges - all office visits are procedures are included in the monthly membership fee. 

How do we do this?  By eliminating the red tape of insurance billing.  We make primary care affordable without insurance.  Health insurance is important, and should be used for the unexpected, expensive costs that are unpredictable.   We are now freed up to spend more time with each patient in the office, and outside the office via phone, text, email, and even home visits if necessary. This model of care allows us to provide our patients with high quality healthcare, give patients direct access to their doctor, all at less cost than insurance-based primary care. Welcome to Grants Pass Family Medicine, the home of Dr. Donna Givens, a board certified family medicine physician.

The Department of Consumer and Business Services Issued a certificate to this practice.  You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894dcbs[email protected], or   The Direct Primary Care membership and practice is not insurance.  The practice provides only the limited scope of primary care services specified in the retainer medical agreement.  The patient must pay for all services not specified in the retainer medical agreement.  The retainer medical agreement can be canceled at any time and is a month-to-month agreement, refund for the current month fees is not provided upon cancellation.