DPC: An Innovative Alternative

The care we are offering is like nothing being offered in this market today. Buying extensive insurance coverage will not get you the type of services in this new model of care. 24/7 access, home visits, hospital visits, deeply discounted medicines and labs, no co-pay, and pre-existing conditions welcome. Coverage does not equal care! Direct Primary Care has been proven to keep people out of the hospital and to keep people more healthy than fee for service medicine. ..."patients experienced 56 percent fewer non-elective admissions, 49 percent fewer avoidable admissions, and 63 percent fewer non-avoidable admissions than patients of traditional practices." From Daniel McCorry of the Heritage Foundation.

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Direct Primary Care: An Innovative Alternative to Conventional Health Insurance


The Doctor’s Lounge Radio Show

The Doctor's Lounge Radio Show

The fine folks over at Doctors 4 Patient Care foundation have created the Doctor's Lounge Radio Show. It's an active and vibrant community behind the DPC movement, and a great way to keep in touch with the cutting edge of the action.

From their website directly...

Hosted by Dr. Hal Scherz and Dr. Michael J. Koriwchak

Real doctors from the front lines of medicine engage the man-made crisis in American Healthcare. Hal Scherz, MD FACS (Pediatric Urologist) and Michael J. Koriwchak, MD, Otolaryngologist (Head and Neck Surgery) airs The Doctor's Lounge on America's Web Radio on Thursdays at 8:00 am Eastern.

"Every hospital has a private area where Doctors go to get a cup of coffee and get together to talk amongst themselves to discuss medical and health care matters... This show is a window into the private conversations doctors have that impact your world."

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The Government Proposed 10 Rules For Redesigning Healthcare. And Now Direct Care Is Finally Addressing Them.

“Direct care is anticipating what our country needs — proactive and affordable medicine. One of the biggest issues facing our country is the crippling cost of healthcare. We are pioneering a system of medicine where people don’t talk themselves out of seeing a doctor. A subscription model that’s affordable, combined with affordable insurance coverage, means patients are spending less per month, and are completely covered. More of this situation, means more preventative care. We believe this goes beyond just anticipating what someone needs today. It’s addressing what they never needed tomorrow — diabetes, heart disease, obesity…”

From Atlas.md…

The Government Proposed 10 Rules For Redesigning Healthcare. And Now Direct Care Is Finally Addressing Them.

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