If your health insurance premiums are going up, or are just unaffordable, here are some ideas to help. 

This post is for non-Medicare eligible patients.  If you are a Medicare recipient, click here to read more about how DPC can help you https://grantspassfamilymedicine.com/direct-primary-care-can-help-medicare-patients/

The benefits of membership at our practice are huge!  Your flat monthly fee includes all visits with Dr. Donna Givens, who is Board Certified in Family Medicine.  She sees patients of all ages and stages of life.  Chronic disease management, physicals, urgent visits are all included.  Skin procedures like mole removals, freezing of skin lesions, and laceration repair would cost hundreds or over a thousand dollars at a traditional practice, but at our office they are included for your monthly fee, except for the pathology fees.   Lab tests are 90% off typical prices and wholesale medications are stocked in the office to pass on the savings to our patients.

Membership at our practice gets you affordable medical care at a predictable low monthly cost

Please click here   https://grantspassfamilymedicine.com/services/  to learn more about the benefits of joining Grants Pass Family Medicine and having a Direct Primary Care doctor who has the time to spend with you.  Visits are typically 30-60 minutes and not rushed.  Dr. Givens is available by phone, text and email.

Since Direct Primary Care includes all visits with your family doctor, it might be time to look at your health insurance needs a little differently.  Here are some options that our patients have paired with their DPC membership to make their overall costs more reasonable:

Health Sharing Ministries:  These are organizations that collect monthly payments (like a premium) and members “share” medical costs.  Generally much less per month than insurance, these plans can help individuals and families keep their insurance costs down without compromising coverage.  They can be selective, however, on who can join, so this option is best for those with very few or no medical problems.  Liberty Healthshare (https://www.libertyhealthshare.org) is one that is popular with our patients.  Liberty will even reimburse you part of your monthly charge at a DPC practice like ours.

Minimum Essential Coverage:  Though less common, these are becoming more of a viable option for those who want the most minimum coverage.  Check out Sedera Health as one option at https://myahe.org/hep

High deductible health plans:  These are your typical Obamacare marketplace plans such as the “bronze” option.  Generally the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.  Many of our patients have these plans.  Since your primary care physician can take care of 80-90% of your healthcare needs, this type of plan pairs very well with your DPC membership at our practice.

Switching to Direct Primary Care has helped many people save on their medical care, prescription prices and lab costs.

We are happy to answer any further questions you have about your individual situation, just give us a call!