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DPC as a corporate benefit.

Do you want to offer great health care to your employees? Are you looking to supplement your existing benefits plan? We are happy to provide you and your employees access to great health care via the direct primary care model! We already have several local businesses in the Grants Pass area offering this to their employees. Please call for references, or to speak to us more about this benefit option.

A Grants Pass Family Medicine membership pairs well with either a high deductible health plan, or a self-funded plan. Don't offer insurance? No problem, we can still enroll your company and provide them with excellent family medical care. Membership fees are collected monthly through automatic payments, and is a month-to-month agreement. Eligibility and enrollment changes can be made at any time.

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Why offer Direct Primary Care to your employees?

Same Day Access - Get employees back to health and work sooner by taking care of smaller problems quickly.  No need for urgent care when you can text Dr. Givens and not have to wait.  Our waiting room is usually empty!

Virtual Visits - In some cases, there's no need to even leave work. Employees who are members of Grants Pass Family Medicine can quickly get answers to their health questions by calling or texting the doctor directly. No office visit is necessary in many cases. As a member, all texts, calls, and visits are included. Of course we do offer same day appointments as well.

Discount Labs and Medications - All of the other benefits of membership are extended to employee members as well, sometimes saving them hundreds of $$ on copays, labs and medications.

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Employers get a discount!

Our discount for businesses is for $55 per month per employee 19 and older.  Spouses are $55 per month and children 19 and under are $15 per month.  Provide them virtually unlimited care with a family doctor by calling us now. Find out more about how you can keep your business healthier with direct primary care.

Your employees are welcome to sign up with us directly, but if they are over the $55 dollar adult rate, they will save if they enroll through your company. Simply offering them the option of signing up through your company, even if they pay for it through your company payroll deductions, is a benefit to them because they get a discounted membership rate.

We'd love to talk with you directly about setting up an employer sponsored membership in Grants Pass Family Medicine. We will be happy to come to your place of business and do an on-site presentation about what we do and how it can benefit your organization. Please give us a call at 541-476-3000 to get started.

Already offer health insurance?

These days most health insurance plans have a significant deductible, often a very large deductible. The deductible is the amount you spend OUT OF POCKET for medical care until your insurance even STARTS paying. So for example, a $3000 deductible is illustrated below (most deductibles are now $5000-6000):

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Ready to sign up now?

If you are ready to sign up your business, you can download and print the following forms and return them to our office. We require a minimum of 5 adult enrollees. They can be spouses of your employees as well!

Please return the forms to our office either in person, or by mail. Once your company is enrolled, we will start calling each new enrollee and scheduling a first visit to establish care. We look forward to serving you and your business!

Employer Forms:

One set of these forms for your business.

Employee Forms:

Each enrollee gets one set of these.

Donna Givens, MD

Direct Primary Care

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Your employees will thank you.

Responsive image Donna Givens, MD recieved her Doctor of Medicine degree from St. George's University School of Medicine in 2004. She completed her Family Medicine Residency in Billings, Montana in 2007. She is board certified by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.

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