Sign up your employees.

1. Attraction – Finding the best new hires is an important part of any company's business strategy. Health benefits are something that many new hires look for today, especially as the costs of health care continues to skyrocket, why not consider offering a membership to Grants Pass Family Medicine? If you want to attract the best employees to your workforce, offering health benefits is one of the best ways to do so.

2. Retention – Now that you have great employees, you'd like to keep them. Health benefits, like a membership at Grants Pass Family Medicine will help to retain your valuable workforce. Employees who lose their company sponsored health benefits are likely to seek employment elsewhere. It's clearly within your best interests to offer health benefits. Without them, your workers will likely be eyeing other positions that can give them the health benefit they need.

3. Morale and Productivity – While it's obviously related to retention, it's important to note that morale and productivity are closely tied to the happiness of your employees. Letting them know that you value them and their contributions to your team is important, and health benefits are one of the best ways to do so. Knowing that they have health benefits thanks to you will help them stay happy and loyal and work harder for your company than they would without health benefits or other incentives.

4. Virtual Visits - No need to leave work. Employees who are members of Grants Pass Family Medicine can quickly get answers to their health questions by calling or texting the doctor directly. No trip to the doctor is necessary in many cases. As a member, all texts, calls, and visits are included. Of course we do offer same day appointments as well.

Ways employers structure the benefit.

Clearly, providing medical care for your employees will help them to stay well and productive. Even group health insurance plans leave employees with high out of pocket expenses and avoidance of going to the doctor. Direct primary care can be offered to your employees regardless of having a group health insurance plan or not. Larger employers may opt to supplement their group insurance plan with a membership option either fully or partially sponsored. Smaller employers may only offer membership as a health benefit, again either fully or partially sponsored. How your business structures the benefit internally is a matter of preference.

Employer discount.

Our discount for businesses is for $50 per month per employee 19 and older. If you want to extend the benefit to spouses and children under 19 (for $10 a month) that is up to you. You can provide them virtually unlimited care with a family doctor. All of the same benefits to membership apply. Call us now to sign your employees up, or to find out more about how you can keep your business healthier with direct primary care.

Call to sign up: 541-476-3000

We'd love to talk with you directly about setting up an employer sponsored membership in Grants Pass Family Medicine. We will be happy to come to your place of business and do an on-site presentation about what we do and how it can benefit your organization. Please give us a call at 541-476-3000 to get started.