Health Insurance + DPC

Why a membership in our practice makes sense when you have health insurance.

Coverage doesn't equal care.

Membership at Grants Pass Family Medicine isn't a replacement for insurance that covers catastrophic events. You may be thinking, "I already have insurance?", "why do I need a membership at Grants Pass Family Medicine?"

Even with insurance, the out of pocket costs of health care add up fast. A visit to urgent care, lab tests, ER fees, could each cost more than your entire annual membership. And if you have a high deductible insurance plan, you can easily burn through your deductible before your insurance even kicks in. A lot of those costs can be avoided if you have regular access to a doctor who can take care of up to 80 - 90% of all your health care needs.

More importantly, at Grants Pass Family Medicine, we want to have a personal relationship with our patients, and give them quality care without the added cost and bureaucracy of insurance companies.

Spend your dollars wisely.

These days most health insurance plans have a significant deductible, often a very large deductible. Your deductible is the amount you spend OUT OF POCKET for medical care until your insurance even STARTS paying. So for example, a $3000 deductible is illustrated below (most deductibles are now $5000-6000): Responsive image

DPC is serious value.

In a traditional "fee for service" primary care clinic, you may spend hundreds of dollars on just ONE VISIT to the doctor, especially when you add in lab tests, imaging, and medications. By having a Direct Primary Care Membership, your expenses for routine and even urgent care are predictable and affordable with a flat monthly fee. All office visits are included in the monthly fee at no additional charge, as well as any procedures performed in the office including the following:

  • joint injections
  • skin biopsies and freezing of skin lesions
  • EKGs
  • breathing treatments
  • women’s health exams
  • well child exams

DPC is serious access.

Your physician is available nearly 24/7 by phone, text or email for DIRECT questions and SAME OR NEXT DAY APPOINTMENTS are available.

Our in-house pharmacy also offers deep discounts on generic medications.

  • Most prescriptions are 90-95% off pharmacy retail prices
  • Antibiotic prescriptions start at approximately $2-3
  • Blood pressure pills as low as $0.30 per month
  • Diabetes medication for as low as $1 per month

Our lab tests are drawn right here and are also discounted. Some examples are:

  • Cholesterol panel $6
  • Metabolic profile $4
  • Thyroid test $5

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Direct Primary Care

Grants Pass Family Medicine, PC
1690 NE Lynda Ln
Grants Pass, OR 97526

High quality, affordable care.

$75 dollar enrollment fee for adults.

Age Cost
Ages: 0-19 $15 / mo
Ages: 20-29 $55 / mo
Ages: 30+ $75 / mo
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