In-house lab & draw station.

All of our blood tests are drawn right here in the office.  Samples are sent to our partner lab daily for fast results.  We pass on wholesale lab prices to our patients - most common tests are under $10 each.

In-house pharmacy

We stock most generic prescriptions in the office, and provide them to you at the time of your visit.  This convenient service saves you money (most are 95% off retail prices) and saves you a separate trip to the pharmacy.  

How much is a...

A family physician is trained to treat a broad range of medication conditions, and patients of all ages.  On average, 90% of a patient's healthcare needs can be taken care of at their primary care physician's office.  All visits to our office are included in your monthly fee.  Procedures in the office are also included such as freezing a mole, repairing a laceration, or an EKG.  We make it simple for you to understand the costs, and in most cases, you will be saving money on your healthcare, especially if you have a high deductible plan. Some examples of the cost savings you will enjoy with this practice model are as follows:

Example of Services Included

Service Our Practice Typical Cost
Office visits included $225.00
EKG included $84.00
Mole removal included $283.50
Skin lesion cryotherapy included $210.00
Spirometry included $91.35
Laceration repair included $372.75
Urinalysis included $26.25
Rapid Strep test included $57.75

Example Medication Costs: Filled In Office!

Medication Members' Cost Typical Cost
Lisinopril (30 tablets)
$0.33 $12.71
Metformin (60 tablets)
$0.86 $11.97
Atorvastatin (30 tablets)
$2.25 $102.35
Z-pack (6 tablets)
$1.64 $21.45
Losartan (30 tablets)
$0.93 $17.93
Simvastatin (30 tablets)
$0.54 $13.20
Sumatriptan (9 tablets)
$7.50 $22.23

Membership Fees

Sign up fee is $75 per adult. Children are not charged a sign-up fee. Then monthly, the fee is based on the age of the patient.

Group Monthly Fee
Children 0-19 years old $15 (with at least one adult membership)
Adults 20-44 years old $55
Adults 45-64 years old $75
Adults 65+ years old $90
Employer groups with 5+ employees $55
Nursing home and home-bound patients call for details

** No long term contract required. If a patient decides to cancel their membership and then re-enroll, a $200 re-enrollment fee applies.